Our Story

Karl Schurr and Annie McCluskey live in Sydney, Australia. Karl is a physiotherapist; Annie is an occupational therapist.  They have worked in stroke rehabilitation for many years, and travel internationally to conduct workshops for therapists.

On 15th March 2020 they departed on a much anticipated trip:  a 3- week cruise to Antarctica with Aurora Expeditions on the MV Greg Mortimer ship.  Within a week, many passengers developed symptoms of COVID-19.  The ship returned to South America and sought approval to dock in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Both Karl and Annie were diagnosed with COVID-19.  Annie remained asymptomatic but Karl’ s condition deteriorated quickly. On 31st March he was evacuated from the ship and admitted to hospital and ICU in Montevideo. Karl survived but spent three months in hospital recovering from the virus before being repatriated to Australia.

During this difficult time, Annie kept a diary. She also posted updates on Facebook for friends and colleagues.  Most people found the posts engaging and informative. Many said the first thing they did each morning was check for news of Karl, and suggested the posts be published in a book.

Instead of a book, we have written a blog describing the difficult journey. Read about Karl’s illness, his recovery and longer term rehabilitation but also the emotional roller coaster that Annie shares in her posts.

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